RES KAIDI Fischer-Tropsch

The Fischer Tropsch technology of RES Kaidi generates valuable fuels, chemicals and other products starting with a variety of feedstocks, such as biomass and natural gas. This technology is based on patented and proprietary iron based catalysts, as well as process advances developed through extensive research and development efforts, leading to successful pilot scale demonstration in Commerce City, Colorado from 2008 to 2013. It is ready for deployment for commercial scale production.

RES Kaidi’s syngas conversion technology uses a slurry phase Fischer-Tropsch process.  Syngas enters the slurry bubble column through a distributor in the bottom and passes over a catalyst that is suspended in the liquid hydrocarbon product.  The syngas is converted on the RES Kaidi developed catalyst, at elevated temperature and pressure, to a mixture of hydrocarbons.  The RES Kaidi process uses a novel, patented separation process to recover the heavy wax hydrocarbons.  The condensed and heavy hydrocarbon products undergo hydro-processing to produce diesel and/or jet fuel and naphtha. The fuels meet commercial and regulatory requirements and have been successfully evaluated for use in automobiles, trucks, locomotive and jet turbine motors. Acceptance testing by the military and even a commercial demonstration flight on a United Airlines A319 are a testament to product quality.

An important aspect of RES Kaidi’s FT technology is in the area of catalyst manufacturing and process development, covered by more than 30 issued U.S. and international patents, as well as several patents pending. These cover the design, process and method of robust, highly active and stable