Nickel Dual Fluid Bed

The RES Kaidi Nickel Dual Fluid Bed (NIDFB) Catalytic Conditioning Technology was developed as a hot gas reforming technology which would be applicable to the raw syngas from biomass gasification and other challenging feedstocks.  The technology extends beyond jut biomass feedstock applications to the reforming of low grade “stranded” natural gas, coal, and other ubiquitous low grade higher hydrocarbon sources. 

  • Destruction of biomass derived tars down to low levels of around 1 mg/Nm3
  • Tolerant of high levels of sulfur compound contaminants and selectively removes them from the raw syngas
  • Capable of dry and wet reforming of high concentrations of methane and higher hydrocarbons at high conversions
  • High water gas shift activity and high reforming activity
  • Reasonably low cost catalyst from readily available substrates and conventional production facilities