Technology evaluation

RES Kaidi experts evaluate energy technology development efforts for emerging fossil fuel utilization and cutting-edge renewable energy power and fuels generation technologies including biomass gasification, pyrolysis, ethanol conversion etc. As the window to new technologies that are developed outside China for Sunshine Kaidi, RES Kaidi aids Sunshine Kaidi with evaluation of new technologies for acquisition, investment, or collaboration of new technologies by conducting technical due diligence assessment and appraisal of technology values.

Our technology evaluation capability ranges from conceptual idea assessment to commercial technology acquisition at various Technology Readiness Levels (TRL) with real-world process design and engineering experience on a broad range of energy systems and includes:

  • Technology analysis, screening and selection
  • Technology due diligence, including technical performance review, technology and operational benchmarking
  • Competitive techno-economic analysis to assess competitiveness.
  • Competitive technology intelligence, Comparison of new process technology to incumbent routes
  • Identification and development of strategic technology partnerships


Technology Commercialization

RES Kaidi has adapted a system to organize both ideas and technologies in a way that identifies where ideas and technologies fit on a developmental pathway.  At the conclusion of a technology evaluation a plan is created to systematically develop a technology into a commercial product.  The plan provides the flexibility to re-evaluate ideas and technologies at several points along the commercial development pathway.  In conjunction with the Project Management and Engineering groups RES Kaidi is experienced with moving technologies through the scale-up cycle; bench, lab, pilot, demonstration, and commercialization. 


Project Management

The RES Kaidi project management group offers services at all stages of projects;  Initiation, Planning, Executing, Monitoring & Controlling, and Closing.  Areas of focus are Cost, Scope, Schedule, Document Control, and Procurement / Contracts.  Industries of focus are refining, alternatives, EPC, industrial gas, entrepreneurial endeavors. 


Engineering & Project Engineering

RES Kaidi has a team of Engineers that are in house and ready to assist owners on project specific efforts.