Harold Wright, PHD

Harold Wright, PHD

President & Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Wright has 26 Years of experience in research and development, engineering, and technology development. 

Dr. Wright is responsible for leading the development and execution of RES’s long term strategy, responsible for all day-to-day management decisions, and for implementing the Company’s long and short term plans.

He served as the chief technology officer and senior vice president of Rentech, Inc. Eltron Research and Development, and ConocoPhillips, and Dupont Central Research.   Technologies of focus were Gas-to-Liquids (GTL), Synthesis Gas Development. 

He is a registered patent agent and is authorized to practice patent law before the United States Patent and Trademark Office. He has fourty-eight US patents issued to his credit and others pending.

Dr. Wright holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering, Cum Laude, from University of Missouri – Columbia and a PhD, Chemical Engineering from Purdue University.