RES Kaidi is a renewable and alternative energy technology and engineering services company headquartered in Westminster, CO. RES Kaidi is at the forefront of the industry and specializes in converting unused resources, trash, or waste feeds to higher value chemicals and energy sources to usher in the next wave of power. RES Kaidi was formed in 2014 when Sunshine Kaidi New Energy Group acquired the energy technology assets of Rentech, Inc.

Our Leadership Team

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop and deploy renewable and alternative energy technologies worldwide, both through our own technologies and through strategic partnerships.

Our Approach

Changing the world one step at a time

Commercializing RES Kaidi technologies, including biomass gasification, syngas cleanup and a slurry based Fischer Tropsch Process to produce ultra clean synthetic transportation fuels.

Provide licensing as well as ongoing support for all RES Kaidi technologies implemented in the field.

Evaluate emerging technologies for potential strategic investment or licensing to complement our existing technology portfolio.